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Our team has a combined industry experience that will show you why our process is above all. We are passionate about the brands and industries we work with and value providing our clients with the knowledge to break into new and innovative frontiers!

Our Lab


Analytical Testing for Multiple Industries 

Our network of laboratories offers a full range of services to retailers to cosmetic manufacturers from raw materials suppliers to finished products producers. Each lab counts with highly qualified teams dedicated to develop and implement test protocols, quality assurance guaranteeing reliability, reproducibility and traceability of results and high-tech equipment.

Custom Cosmetic Formulation

Our lab also specializes in cosmetics and personal care products. We have a strong knowledge-based cosmetic chemist with years of experience in the cosmetic industry onsite. Zenistry Labs focuses on delivering products that will benefit the customer and the target market. We  provide effective formulations and establish consumer understanding. We have a wide selection of stock formulation to pick and also provide custom formulatation and manufacturing in USA. Our chemist have worked with major beauty brands so we understand the product development process and executing your vision. 

Petri Dishes

Clinical Research and Trials 


It is possible to assess the effect of cosmetic products in the human body by considering and examining the relevant toxicological endpoints of their ingredients, and the likely local and systemic consumer exposure to the product. A clinical study involves human volunteers that test the product either under normal conditions of use (“in use” tests) or under relevant experimental conditions of use (single use, maximized use).
Volunteers should be a representative panel of the target population. The choice of the “right” study population is critical to the result.
Assessments may include objective medical exams, beauty experts’ and/or instrumental measurements and also consumer preferences through self-assessment questionnaires.The outcome should take into account the efficacy claims to be substantiated or the safety issue to be addressed by the study.

Point of Care Testing 

These days, many medical laboratory tests can be performed outside the laboratory by Qualified and Licensed Medical Professionals other than Laboratory Technologists. These tests produce results at a faster rate than before, so they're known as point-of-care tests (POCTs). At Zenistry Labs we understand the importance of fast and accurate results for lab tests that require timely results. We are also a CLIA certified lab that perform the testing for drug test and blood testing via LMCS for the most accurate result. 

Blood Test
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