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CEO & Senior Chemist 

Lo Williams-Thomas 



Lo Williams-Thomas is the owner and lead chemist of Zenistry Labs. She holds a BS in Chemistry from Dillard University and an MBA from LSU. Lola's decade-long career has allowed her to be very diverse as a chemist for multiple industries and companies. Lending her expertise in several industries and roles has allowed Lo Thomas to open one of the world's leading multi-industry testing labs. Zenistry Labs has also allowed her to ​help undergrads secure jobs where the students would work in a real-time lab so the experience is applied to their resume and certification is given through her 501 c3 non-profit organization S.T.E.M Unlimited/S.T.E.M. Unlimited Global Impact.  This allows students to secure more entry-level jobs after graduation bridging the gap and increasing their chance of securing those positions. Also, allowing her employees to gain knowledge in all industries helps the world be safer through testing, research, and formulation. She is committed to expanding the cosmetic science industry globally starting in the  US and Africa, by offer a program start-up in Africa to provide students with access to high-quality STEM education while expanding  cosmetic science into education. Zenistry Labs is one of the few labs that hold clinical trials and research to better help the beauty industries understand how to evolve product formulation in the beauty industry. Lo is also a certified Cosmetic Chemist helping beauty brands whether small or big with evolving their companies such as consulting, formulation, product ideas, packaging, and marketing in her cosmetic department. She has also made a community group called Glow & Co. for all beauty and science professionals to collaborate to bring together the back and front ends of the beauty industry to better launch products that are more effective for everyone. Her goal is to make the world a safer place while growing and glowing together. 


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