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Testing Service 

Full-service cosmetic testing: you prepare the samples, we take care of the rest! 

Tests offered

You order the tests that you need and prepare the samples. We take care of the rest! No more searching for the most affordable parcel sender, no more asking when the tests will be completed, no more wondering if the tests will be performed according to the internationally recognized standards

PET Testing 

Check the effectiveness of the preservative system of the cosmetic product.

Patch Testing 

The purpose of performing patch tests for cosmetic products is to determine whether cosmetic products cause irritation on people’s skin. Patch test, therefore, helps to assess the irritation potential of cosmetic products.

Stability Testing 

We determine the minimum durability of the product and/or its period after opening (PAO)

Claims Testing 

Any result that your cosmetic or skin product promises to deliver–whether that promise is on its packaging, on your brand's website, or in an advert. 

Microbial Testing 

Cosmetic products need to be of an appropriate microbiological quality and free of certain pathogens when they’re produced.

In-vitro Toxicology Testing

Used to determine the potential of a new cosmetic ,pharmaceutical, agrochemical, food additive, or other chemical product to be hazardous to humans.

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