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"Global Leading Life Science Laboratory providing testing, research, custom formulation, and manufacturing across multiple industries. Real Life Real Test Real Results"



Laboratory Scientist

Here at Zenistry Labs we understand the importance of Clinical Reserach and Trails. We utilize this for our Cosmetic Formulation development process by testing for allergies and DNA genetics. This allows us to be able to provide more effective products for the market and help major beauty brands target issues based on a customers direct issue.When we perform clinical research we gain insights and answers about the safety and effectiveness of drugs and other therapies. 

Petri Dish



Pipetting Skincare Product

Cosmetic Formulation for Beauty Brands here at Zenistry Lab is surrounded by decades of experience in the beauty industry. Our experts have been the "Brains" Behind a lot of the cosmetic beauty brands you use today. We have the knowledge to consult, manufacture, and formula for your dream cosmetic brand. We also offer courses, training and 1:1 consults whether you are a formulator or a brand. Haircare, skincare and wellness is what we specialize in. Lets connect!

Cosmetic Cream


Place Order

Let us know the tests that you need, fill in the necessary data, and request a testing consult for further instruction form with correct formatting of sample labels and information to perform testing accurately and in a timely manner. 

Lab Experiments


Prepare Sample 

You will receive the information about how many samples we need for the requested tests 

Delivery Service



On checkout you will select a date when our shipping partner will come to pickup the samples or you can over night sample. package can be provided or further consulting about packaging can be scheduled

Organizing Test Tubes



Once we receive the samples, we will confirm the date when the testing will be completed and when you will receive the testing results

Scientist on Computer



When the tests are completed, we will send you the testing results via email, profile or app 

We're here every step of the



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